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Welcome to ClearScan Imaging - your state of the art imaging facility.  We recently launched this website to communicate our unique capabilities and exceptional imaging services available to you.  Our philosiphy has always been to provide the best imaging services in a pleasant and helpful manner to your patients.

3D cone beam imaging is digital x-ray scanning specially designed for your patient's face and jaw.  It is a quick and comfortable open and painless scan that rotates around the patient and gathers complete 3D and 2D information in a matter of seconds.  This provides a thorough visualization of the entire maxillofacial region with less radiation than regular or flat x-rays, providing you with extremely detailed views of the patient's anatomy from many different angles.  These images clearly display TMJ disorders, impacted teeth, implant site assesment, critical bone and tooth relationship, oral-nasal airways, para-nasal sinus, madibular canal and difficult to see pathologies.

State of the Art Diagnostic Technology

Let's Talk - If you need help with anything, just call us! The ClearScan team can answer your questions or setup a time that we can meet.


Fill out your patient's Prescription Form.  Please include any specific comments or special requests.  Keep a copy for your records.


Your patients can also fill out our Patient Consent Form and bring it with them at the time of their appointment.Your office or your patient can call one of our convenient locations.  We would be glad to schedule an appointment time that is flexible with their needs.

For your patients convenience we now offer Care Credit, they can apply now.  Payment is required at the time of the appointment.  A fee esitmate is quoted when your patient's appointment is scheduled.  If you prefer, we can directly bill your office.

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