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Internal 3D Imaging techniques such as MRI scans have been used by physicians for years, but until today you may have never seen an external 3D imagining of yourself or your child; one which appears as a realistic-looking digital sculpture displayed on the computer.  The anatomical truth associated with the 3dMD image makes it an invaluable tool for ongoing examination and surgical/treatment planning when combined with a powerful 3D software tool.

What is a 3D Surface Image?

A 3D surface image or 3dMD photograph is a highly precise, digital 3D representation of you on a computer.  In contrast to a subjective 2D photograph that is printed flat on paper, a 3dMD photograph has depth perspective so your doctor can see you as you are on a computer, even when you aren't physically there!

How Do You Take My 3dMD Photograph?

Our 3dMDface System consists of six machine vision cameras synchronized to fire at exactly the same time - within a 1.5 millisecond window.  3dMD systems are based on an advanced software technique called active stereo photogrammetry, which momentarily projects a unique light pattern on the subject while the image is taken.  3dMD's sophisticated software then identifies the same unique point from multiple images and uses simple geometry and complex algorithms to calculate the actual coordinate of the point and construct the facial shape.

Is It Safe?

Yes.  Since 3dMD systems are non-invasive and do not use lasers, it is as safe as having your picture taken with a regular digital camera.

How Will My 3dMD Photograph Help My Doctor

The 3D surface image taken will provide your doctor with a highly precise 3D image of your face.  The 3dMD image documents the soft tissue in correlation to the 3D facial structure.  With a 3dMD image, educated eye judgements can now be validated visually and quantified statistically to help explalin the diagnosis and monitor the treatment over time.  Furthermore, if desired, a researcher can re-examine the 3dMDimages over time as various treatments are administered to help better understand and quantify the results.

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